inQube CIC is a community interest company focused on building and incubating bottom-up, citizen-driven, cross-sector collaborations, bringing together people and organisations across sectors that have something to contribute and are willing to work together to address issues of importance to their communities and improve the lives of their citizens.

Instead of presuming that anyone outside any group of people know what that group needs, inQube works with local people to determine the agenda as well as how to address it, making best use of the individual skills, knowledge and capabilities of all involved, as well as the local associational and institutional assets.

The primary objective is to build local citizen-driven and sustainable ecosystems to address local priorities, including the more intractable problems, particularly amongst the vulnerable and excluded in their communities.

inQube developed this citizen-driven co-creation approach, building on elements of action research, co-production, asset-based community development and agile development methodologies, which they have employed in wide ranging local and international collaborations.